I tried to find the email or mailing address for Chad Master, the CEO of Curbside and couldn’t find one and I can concerned this would be intercepted. I am contacting you to make you aware of a situation that happened with me concerning Curbside Waste and quite honestly, I truly feel everyone should be aware of how their employees are talking to customers, or should I say previous customer. On November 1, 2015 I signed up with the company for waste removal and yard waste removal. The gentleman who signed me up was very nice and cordial. I wasn’t necessarily committed to my current provider (Budget Waste) so I figured why not. That week a container and a yard waste container were dropped off in my driveway as promised.

The week came and my first pick-up was fine, but the yard waste was not picked up. I called and spoke with Courtney at Curbside and she told me she would send someone out that day to pick up the yard waste. I came home that day still not picked up, called again and was promised the same, this went on and on, with emails, and daily conversations, every day I was promised it would be taken care of and never was. I was getting extremely frustrated and my neighbors began to question why I had yard waste sitting for over two weeks rotting on the lawn. Finally, my neighbor called me and said she stopped the garbage man while he was at my house to ask why, he told her that he could not touch the can because it was Waste Management yard waste can. This was the first I heard of this, I didn’t even notice. I assumed it was from you as the cans were dropped off together same day, same place in my driveway. I Called Waste Management and they said they did not drop off the can. I was then prompted to call the Curbside office once again, and Cortney confirmed this about the can. I wonder if anyone was ever planning on telling me this. She then passed me to Deon Richardson who I was told was the owner (General Manager) and he assured me it would be picked up that day (Thursday, Oct. 29th). I came home Thursday night and AGAIN it was still sitting. I finally called and emailed Courtney and said I needed an owner or manager to contact me or I felt I should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. At this point it was a matter of principal!

I know what you’re thinking…the yard waste was in the wrong container and they couldn’t touch it legally and it was all my fault. Well, NO ONE ever told me this until the driver was asked by my neighbor. I had a conversation with Mr. Deon Richardson, Yesterday Thursday, November 29th. This is the reason I felt compelled to contact you. He told me I had to take everything out of the can and place it on the ground or it would not be picked up. So I re-bagged rotted yard waste and left it by the curb for pickup. Needless to say, I have cancelled my service with Curbside and I have many neighbors that will most likely follow suit. I am done with the fight, however, I feel everyone really needs to know and I cannot express enough that Mr. Robinson is a terrible Manager, if that is what he is, and he treats his customers dreadfully! I wasn’t even contacted by anyone at your company to explain the situation. My neighbor had to stop your driver to inquire. Mr. Robertson screamed at me for at least 15 minutes! He was unbearably rude and I guarantee Curbside will lose many more customers with an individual like him in their employment. I don’t care if your customer is 100% in the wrong, no one should ever have to endure his vulgar language and temperament. He is just a BULLY.

On Friday morning, October 30th I sent an email to Curbside, indicating the garbage is still there, removed from the can and ready to be picked up, it is now Monday, November 2nd and still it sits, never resolved. I contacted my new waste company and they will pick it up on Tuesday. Therefore it will be resolved by another company.

In summary, there is nothing resolved by Curbside and I was treated to poorly, I really felt compelled to file a complaint. 1) About the way Mr. Richardson treats his customers and 2) That the issue was never resolved by Curbside. I hope that they will stop and consider the reputation of their company and how it is portrayed to others, because I guarantee that because of this I will warn everyone I know to not touch this company with a 10 foot pole.

Lastly, I do want to commend Cortney at your company, she was always nice and responsive with me and tried to help me in any way and I know I called her with extreme frustration and she was always respectful. A keeper.

This reviewer shared experience about order processing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Curbside Waste and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Wow, I agree. I've had nothing but issues with curbside mostly lately.

I've been a customer for many years and pay the yard waste every year. Every week they seems to miss something. Always have bundles of sticks less than 40 pounds and less that 4 feet in length.

I'm ready to switch as well. I've called numerous times for new cans to be switched out and that never ever happened either...


I am very sorry we could not pickup your yard waste in another waste removals can. We will try harder to accommodate Curbside Waste customers that have switch to our residential service.

We just did not want to have any issues with Waste Management. Thanks for you comments and concerns we will do better in the future. If you decide to every use Curbside Waste for your provider I will personally make sure you are taken care of.

I hope you understand out point of view.

Best Regards

Chad Master

Curbside Waste inc

763 504 2872


this company is the worst. should have done our research before we went with them.

Now we're stuck with them for 2 years. SAVE yourself the headache and go with another company.

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