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I am not a Curbside customer but the previous owners of the house I am in are.I have been trying to get Curbside to pick up the garbage bins which still have trash in them for almost 2 months now. Each time I call there is the promise that my trash bins will be picked up by the end of the week yet the weekend comes and they are still there. When I call again, there is always some excuse as to why the bins have not been picked up. I have been...
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  • All talk but no action
Curbside Waste - Just. Awful.
Curbside Waste - Just. Awful.
I had frequent issues with curbside waste for incorrect billing. I was never able to set up automatic payments because the monthly total was always wrong. They missed our pickup a few times but came back to pick it up after we called. When our contract was up I decided to cancel and go to another company to avoid the hassle. After 3 weeks and at least 6 phone calls they finally picked up their cans. They made sure to tip the cans over in our...
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